Day 4 Apologetics Week

It’s Day 4 of #ApologeticsWeek 2022!

Help us encourage others to learn and practice apologetics as part of their growth as Christians and to enhance their outreach to others.

Use this week to share apologetics-related posts on your social media with tag #ApologeticsWeek, talk about it with friends, incorporate it with your evangelism, or any other ways you can come up with.

Article: “What Does Philosophy Have to Do with Apologetics?” Leslie Keeney, Christian Apologetics Alliance
A discussion between John Anderson and William Lane Craig of Reasonable Faith about Philosophy and Christianity.

Article: “How Do We Know? Epistemology” by James Beilby & David K. Clark, Apologetics Resource Center


Education: “Essentials of Philosophy and Christian Thought” by Dr. Ronald Nash via Biblical Training

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