Day 3 Apologetics Week

It’s Day 3 of #ApologeticsWeek 2022!

Help us encourage others to learn and practice apologetics as part of their growth as Christians and to enhance their outreach to others.

Use this week to share apologetics-related posts on your social media with tag #ApologeticsWeek, talk about it with friends, incorporate it with your evangelism, or any other ways you can come up with.

It’s important to know what you believe before you are able to defend what you believe. Be sure to take time to study God’s word regularly, read books and take courses in theology, develop a regular habit of getting familiar with the Bible and every passage interconnects to form a holistic view of God’s message to humanity.

Article: “Why Study Theology?” – Keith A. Mathison, TableTalk Magazine

Video: “Intro to Theology” Playlist from Theology 365

Article: “4 Reasons Why We Need Biblical Theology” – Robert Cline, Nick Roark — Crossway

Book: Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

Education: Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry Online School of Theology

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