1. Create an international Apologetics Week to rally apologists and promote apologetics.
  2. Demonstrate why apologetics is necessary in today’s culture.
  3. Direct people to apologetics ministries and resources.
  4. Equip church leaders with tools to weave apologetics into sermons or teachings.
  5. Encourage participation in local apologetics activities.
  1. Like and share apologetics information (quotes, videos, articles, memes, etc.) during Apologetics Awareness Week (2nd full week of September) and use #ApologeticsWeek on your social media.
  2. Wear apologetics apparel.
  3. Coordinate an apologetics event (debate, conference, 5k, class, sermon, etc.)
  4. Go do apologetic evangelism in your local area (college campus, bookstore, etc.)
  1. Put an Apologetics Awareness Week banner on your website.
  2. Use #ApologeticsWeek for all online activity during Apologetics Awareness Week.
  3. Share testimonies sent to your ministry of how apologetics has been beneficial.
  4. Encourage employees to engage in apologetics activities.