Day 7 Apologetics Week

It’s Day 7 of #ApologeticsWeek 2022!

Help us encourage others to learn and practice apologetics as part of their growth as Christians and to enhance their outreach to others.

Use this week to share apologetics-related posts on your social media with tag #ApologeticsWeek, talk about it with friends, incorporate it with your evangelism, or any other ways you can come up with.

Post: Sharing your faith is the logical next step to learning about apologetics and evangelism. What are your tips and tools for doing this?

From Timothy Fox, “Tip for Sharing Your Faith: Choose Your Words Wisely!”

Video: “Want to Share the Gospel? Start with This Question.” Greg Koukl, Stand to Reason.

Article: Lenny Esposito – “Tips for Sharing Your Faith: #1 – Slow Down!” Come Reason Ministries

From Mark Mittelberg, Contagious Faith

Education: Check out free training courses from Greg Koukl, Alan Shlemon, Red Pen Logic with Mr. B, Jonathan Noyes at Stand to Reason, including:

  • Ambassadors for Christ
  • Never Read a Bible Verse
  • Tactics
  • The Story of Reality
  • Why Apologetics
  • and more.

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